The Pause Button

Bad Experiences, Good Experiences

I had an experience years ago that I did not want to repeat. I felt terrible for how I conducted myself. I’d like to be granted a do-over to correct how I conducted myself.

I had an experience years ago that I wish would repeat. I felt incredible and I desire a similar experience to occur again. I’d love to be granted a do-over so this incredible experience could possibly be an everyday event.

Different experiences affecting me differently,…one negative, one positive but in their essence they are quite similar.

The end result is they create the same effect within my/our consciousness.

Unconsciously we stop and pause what we are doing in the present moment to ensure that either the particular experience does not occur again or that the particular experience does occur again. It’s a total unconscious action and totally against being in the present moment.  It’s as if we are holding the present moment hostage. When we are waiting for the bad or the good we are literally placing our life on hold,..we hit the pause button.

How’s that working you for ?

This is a very subtle point because we continue living our everyday life so it appears that all things are running smoothly and without much effort. But there is a background tension that is just below the surface undetected. We are braced and using some of our vital life energy to either keep a watch out for a similar experience that devastated us or the opposite one that elated us. Either way we are in waiting mode and braced for rejection or acceptance. We are not in the present moment. We are in our past. We are also in our future anticipating,..and, not in the present moment.

So what’s the solution to this dilemma ?

Regarding both situations,..first we need to recognize that we have in fact placed our life in pause mode. It matters not that the experience was negative or positive, the affect we have instituted on our life flow is on hold and braced for the inevitable negative or potential positive.

Second,…after we have discovered and acknowledged the pause button mode we have been in we then need to forgive ourself for this faux pas in thinking. Simply forgive yourself for judging yourself, not seeing accurately what you were instituting and realize that this too was a learning event. By initiating this depth of honesty, clarity has a fertile ground to manifest and more assuredness will soon appear.

Third,…it is advantageous to not have an attachment to the event. Meaning, you don’t need to brace yourself for a similar or another negative event occurring. Even if it shows it’s head again know you can handle it with confidence and ease because you are practicing being in the present moment. Similarly you don’t need to be overly hopeful for a potentially positive event to re-occur. Think of this in this way, maybe if you release yourself from desiring to repeat the positive event, an even better and more uplifting event can come forward. But, because you are poised for this particular past event to re-occur, there is no room for another more beneficial event or experience to appear in your life.

Practicing being in the present moment

Now that you have a handle on the pause button mode you were in you are now aware of how this pause button mode operates and potentially when your mindset might allow it to re-appear again. You accomplish this by being in observation mode. To do that you become the witness, paying close attention to how your mind wants to take you down a similar road of bracing for a negative or anticipating a positive experience. You need to do nothing about either, just observe. Be silent and offer no energy to either position, just observe. Allow it to be what it is. You will soon discover that both positions, negative or positive, are in a part of your mind and ego and not your truer nature known as your higher self.  Your truer nature is the one observing both points of view.

This is a very subtle experience to observe

What’s wrong with desiring to repeat a fulfilling experience ? The key word here is repeat. You are not in the present moment. You are comparing what was and holding that past experience as reference point for what the present moment is presenting you.

Not one thing is wrong about experiencing a fulfilling experience. Let’s take having a loving and intimate relationship as an example. Repeating affirmations and programming for a loving relationship, for example, is just step one. Doing these practices assist to create the environment for your headspace to accept that you are lovable and can attract the perfect partner. Then what do you do ?

Most likely the answer is, you are waiting. And most likely you are comparing every potential person whom would potentially fit your perfect relationship model with what used to be. Where is the present moment ? You are either back in your past or projecting forward to what was or what could be. That is not being in the present moment. Not being in the present moment creates a field of distraction. That field of distraction will blind you to the incredible individual and incredible relationship standing right in front of you. But you don’t see it because you are in pause mode waiting for what you speculate will fulfill you. Really ? What fulfilled you years ago or even just yesterday might actually not even catch your attention today in the present.

You’ve grown in consciousness so it’s time to let go

Let go of waiting. Let go of anticipating. Let go of expecting. Practice being in the present moment.

Allowing yourself and giving yourself the permission to be in the present moment stirs a new excitement within your spirit. That new excitement becomes the doorway that channels in your highest good. Holding on to a past experience hoping to not have it repeat or to have it repeat keeps you with your finger on the pause button of your life.

You can handle the present moment when it comes forward. By being the witness and observing what life is bringing to you you will be better equipped to navigate the new and incredible experiences manifesting in your life.

Finger off the pause button please.

Embrace the present moment with passion and clarity and life will unfold it’s richness in your life. I promise you.

Enemy Mind

I’m an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened. ~ Mark Twain

That quote made me re-think. To be more accurate, it  required me to think differently about what the vehicle called mind really is.
In my early years I learned to adopt a way of treating my mind like I would my pet. I figured if I allowed the relationship with my pet to be on a friend-like basis then my pet’s feral nature won’t emerge and bite me. Wrong ! I’m being bitten because my pet can’t control it’s feral nature.
My mind is the same. Every time I would give my mind the least bit of appreciation it would prove how wrong I was for even considering anything other than; the personal mind is a personal nemesis. It’s just my mind’s nature to be the know-it-all. I would listen to it’s musings and get bitten by it’s false importance.
It took me a while to comprehend what my mind really was. It took me even longer to not get caught up in it’s nonsense. Once I learned how to steer clear of my ego mind I created signposts that alerted me when I was going off track and into the mind’s abyss. It’s tricky stuff and really, really subtle. I would hear myself state “That’s just me”. That statement totally typifies how a consciousness embedded with the ego mind and believing it is totally lost. And I was lost in my mind’s musings.
What You Believe You Will Be
I reasoned, if I couldn’t rely on my mind to lead me to life’s answers I needed to discern a different approach to getting clear. So I entertained new approaches. Not having the answer just yet I paid attention to what other successful individuals were following or doing. It seemed logical and way of getting out of own way. That was another wrong turn into a cul-de-sac of constant repetitious thoughts leading nowhere. You know, like the Beatles song,…“He’s a real nowhere man, Living in his nowhere land, Making all his nowhere plans, for nobody.” That, was me.
I discovered that my mind does not stop it’s blabbing. It will even play back words that came from someone else. Do not believe the thoughts of others. Especially those thoughts that your mind is mimicking. The only thing you will accomplish is; to think like someone else.  Eventually the only thoughts you will be expressing have already been thought and expressed by another person. Ah, news flash !,…a clue emerged,..I’m more than that !
Now,…if I really want to get radical,…I really have no reason to believe my thoughts either.
What you call your thoughts are merely a culmination of what you were told when you were young that are now repeating themselves in the form of  what you are calling; your way of thinking. Or,…’that’s just how I am.’
To function in life I found out that I really don’t need that many thoughts. What is needed, is to be in the present moment. Responding with what ‘seems logical’ or ‘rational’ or an ‘appropriate emotion’ is calculated and that I found is not living in the moment. Practicing living in the present moment afforded me the ability to respond to an event with no prejudice.  All of those seemingly appropriate responses are purely and simply mind and ego based. Where is the heart to be found in all of life ?
“When you begin to grasp that you are something far greater than your thoughts, you begin to understand you do have the power to choose which thoughts you will think and ultimately start to reprogram your subconscious mind.” ~Bruce Lipton
What can we do ?
Here are a few suggestions that illustrates how believing your thoughts only create a deeper hole you have dug for yourself. That includes everyone of us,..everyone.
One of the first approaches to apply to your life is to recognize that you are a prisoner of your thoughts if you believe them. Buddha said, “When you recognize the problem, you are half way there to solving it.”  This type of believing your own thoughts and giving them credibility is dysfunctional and ego based both on the individual and unfortunately on the collective level of society.  But,..we do not need to be a trapped prisoner of this dysfunctional mind.
It’s time for transformation
We need to grow our selves up, invest in ourselves and begin to initiate a spiritual maturity to the point where our inner awareness will see the dysfunction for what it is.
It is easily noted and observed that those in positions of power from political to corporate positions have a vested interest in keeping things as they are. After all, the “profit” of war cannot continue if there is no fear or hatred of each other. The falsehood ‘that we are different and or superior to someone else’ is totally that,..a falsehood and myth constructed to keep people in distraction and separation modality. This is the real enemy to overcome.

You can reverse this trend by being part of an upward movement of consciousness. You can accomplish that by asking yourself searching questions…

 -‘What am I really afraid of?’‘

 -Is there any threat to me right now? Or is my fear based on an imaginary threat that is playing out in my mind?’

 -‘Who planted this seed of hatred in my heart and mind?’

 -‘Why do I nurture this seed of hatred?

 -What benefit do I get from this ?

 -‘Am I willing to see the people behind the masks they wear, including myself?’

 And finally….

Does the information I am choosing to ingest place me in a position of openness, tolerance and compassion for self and others… or does this put me in a myopic state of closed mindedness, intolerance, bigotry, hatred and unforgiveness?’

The answer is already pre-installed

Your higher self will not need to function in the past or future like your mind does. It functions in the present moment a.k.a. the now.
Begin by literally attuning to your higher nature. If you are not familiar with your higher nature there are ways to get yourself in the flow of it. Begin by practicing meditation. By beginning a daily meditation practice your higher self will have a vehicle to show up in.
Also through appreciating nature while you are taking a walk, the simplicity of merely experiencing the beauty of nature begins to tune you in to your higher nature.  Read books that create inspiration and clarity of mind, your higher self will have a clear space to manifest in.
Once you adapt and bring into practice a daily meditation other more subtle facilities will begin to emerge. Your intuition will begin to wake up. It never was asleep, you just relied more on your five senses to communicate with the world.
Begin to rely more on your subtly of your intuition.  Hang out there more often. When you do you will also realize that it was your practicing relying on your mind to give you life’s answers when all it did was lead you down cul-de-sac streets that go nowhere.
Allow your intuition to visit more often. Learn the signposts of how it manifests. That is your higher self’s presence making itself known to you.

Welcome Home.

“I’m Loosing My Patience”


That is not an accurate description of the real emotional state someone is in when they make that statement.

It would be more accurate to state “I’m frustrated with how I thought (blank) would happen and it is not happening that way.”

Your patience is still functioning. It is just standing off to the side, in the present moment, waiting for you to get your act together.  It is frustration that has control of your present  emotional state and you are allowing it to express itself. That frustration is not in the present moment and it is projecting into future expectations.

Think about it

If you ‘lost your patience’ you wouldn’t have anything bothering you. There would be no way any emotional charge could attach itself to an event you are anticipating  with. In order for emotional energy to attach itself to a predicament or event, that is not going your way, it has to have something to attach itself to. Your patience is still there,..waiting.

I submit,… you might be confusing your patience with your expectations.

Stating ‘I’m loosing my expectations of what I want to happen about (blank)’ is a far more accurate statement of where your emotional energy is. So, you might be confusing your patience, which is still functioning perfectly, with your expectations, which are frustrating you. That, is the accurate assessment of your emotional state.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas A. Edison

What you resist, persists

If you resist what the present moment is showing you then you are abandoning your patience and replacing it with expectation. This is subtle. It might appear that we lost our patience because that was the last misconception in emotion we were involved with. But isn’t that exactly where we loose connection with life ?,…we miss the subtleties right in front of our senses.

The reason you are experiencing frustration and victim-hood is you have not let go of your expectations,…you are holding on to them. Once you let go, really let go, you will have no anticipation for an event to occur how you’ve made it all up in your know-it-all mind to take place.

It’s the expectation and anticipation that you planned to occur that is frustrating you and creating the victim-hood anxiety you are presently experiencing,..not your patience.

Remember, nothing occurs until you are ready for it to manifest in your life. Not when your know-it-all mind thinks it should happen,…not when your emotions think it should happen,..not when logic think’s it should happen,…hmmm,…

Maybe, just possibly maybe what you expect is not what will really be the best choice for your greatest benefit. Yea, that’s difficult to ingest. Especially if you are reading that last sentence with your know-it-all mind.

Your patience is just waiting,… waiting for the perfect time for what you planned to eventually manifest.

Patience is actually a positive trait,…it’s inception is in the present moment.

Expectations are traveling in the future,…nothing happens in the future until the future arrives. It’s called the “present moment” for a reason.

Maybe the part of you, your know-it-all mind, thinks it’s figured it all out. If it was so knowledgeable why did not it anticipate these course corrections ? hmmmm,…

Suggestion; Leave it to a greater knowing that resides inside of you.

When you do practice what you are beginning to do is you allow yourself to surrender to the present moment and drop what your know-it-all mind thinks the future should be.

Dear Past,…thank you for all the lessons.

Dear Future,..I’m ready now.


The future depends on what we do in the present. ~ Gandhi




Lucky Me, Fortunate Me, Successful Me

No,..I’m not egoing out on myself by asserting that statement.

In fact, just the opposite.

I’m creating a field of appreciations and awareness’s using affirmations that are not locked in what has to occur. These are affirmations of appreciation and awareness that are creating an environment of possibilities for the higher greater part of my being to manifest. An affirmation of gratitude highlighting how lucky, how fortunate and how successful I have been and a welcomed anticipation  for more to come my way.

 A conundrum

It’s odd but if I entered a gym to workout and stated to every member I met, “I desire to become more physically fit and be in the highest level of physical condition I can achieve.” Most likely I’d receive admiration and adulation for showing up and making a commitment to achieve these goals. And maybe even find a workout partner to assist me.

But if I walked into the same room and stated, ” I desire to become self-actualized to the highest level of awareness I can achieve.” Most people would walk away from me thinking I was expressing my narcissistic ego.

Funny how that works. But it’s true.

Same goal, to have the highest level of accomplishment, but because it has to do with manifesting self-actualization all of a sudden my words now deflect support instead of attract support. Maybe it’s the way it was stated that received no support. But the only difference was it was a different desire,..a top level physical condition vs. a top level awareness conditionMaybe what was needed was to explain my statement so it inspired others to lend me their positive vibes. Something most definitely to consider.

It’s the subconscious mind in action

I guess I could have stated, “I’m working on programming my subconscious mind for the highest level of success.” That statement has correlation to desiring to manifest the highest level of accomplishment. Here’s what I’ve discovered and have put into practice.

Whatever you place in your mind space eventually manifests. I can’t tell you why it operates this way on planet Earth, but it does. I didn’t make up these rules, you’ll have to ask some other more developed authority than I for that answer. But these guidelines have been discovered to be accurate and true so let’s utilize them to our advantage.

Change the outer, to change the inner

I know that might seem the exact opposite of what you’ve been advised to do…that to create real change you have to change the inner topography to affect the outer topography.

True,…but if you are not yet inspired from an inner place, be wise and use an outer action to create that inner inspiration. Words and affirmations are what will assist in this work. Eventually, for example, by repeating the word “peace” outwardly your subconscious will hear that word, get the message and begin finding experiences that will bring peace into your life.

Words Become Power

Masaru Emoto , the author of ‘The Hidden Messages of Water’, proved through his experiments the power of the word.  Emoto believed that water was a “blueprint for our reality”and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change the physical structure of water. Emoto’s water crystal experiments consisted of exposing simple tap water onto a clinical glass slide and then freezing and examining the aesthetic properties of the resulting frozen crystals with microscopic photography. Emoto made the claim and showed indisputable photographic proof that water exposed to positive speech (words) and thoughts would result in beautiful visually pleasing formations of frozen water crystals, and that negative intention and speech (words) would yield dis-jointed, imbalanced frozen crystal water formations.

Think on that. This is a powerful clue how our environment affects us. When water is exposed to a word like ‘Peace’ an incredible transformation occurs with the waters structure. How would water comprehend that it is being influenced by a word ?

The obvious answer is,…water has intelligence. Not human intelligence but an intelligence that includes and comprehends energy and vibration.

Let’s have some intelligent fun.

Become a Vessel of Water

Imagine your entire make up, your physical body,  emotional body, mental body and spiritual body as a vessel of water. Your entire make up is that of water. See these words written on the container that is you;




Then see these affirmations written across the container of You.

“I am cultivating a success expectancy.”

“I am cultivating the feeling that miracles and wonders are coming my way.”~ Florence Shovel Schinn

Just like in Masaru Emoto experiments, that energetically and vibrationally changed the crystal composition of waters makeup by attaching a word or sentence, you to can create, manifest and rearrange the crystalline structure of your inner being by simply attaching an affirmation to the situation you are presently in.

Don’t doubt it until you attempt to experiment with this.

Become water,…attach a word or phrase you’d like to achieve,…Love, Gratitude, Peace, Wisdom and allow the energy and vibration of that word to operate under universal principles.

You lucky, fortunate, successful being you.

The Three Master Decisions

Be Grateful, Be Compassionate, Be Forgiving

Ever wonder why your life is not going how you dreamed it would be ?

Maybe you’re placing your personal energy into areas that will never manifest those dreams for you. Ever notice the more you focus on what you don’t want, the worse you feel ?!

Worry, complacency, fear,…visit us way too much as a first step to a solution for a challenge set before us. It’s a total waste of time and energy. But, we don’t know that until we get initiated into cul-de-sac thinking. Cul-de-sac thinking is getting caught in a stream of your thoughts and actions that are constantly delivering the same exact frustrating results,..yet, you continue to repeat them. Using a visual example for what cul-de-sac thinking is; you are entertaining the same thoughts thinking that you are on a different thought street. You are not, you’ve just been going around and around the same street which is why the same thoughts are constantly speaking themselves.

Once we pass through that cul-de-sac sojourn of life experiences we will discern that we no longer need to use these negative approaches to champion a challenge.

This is a big clue,…Detours, challenges, and crisis are simply covers for miracles that had no other way of reaching you.

The answer, your answer, is exactly the opposite

When ensconced in a challenge,..stop for a minute,…take a deep breath and become grateful that the challenge set before you has shown up.

Shown up to bring you into a compassionate place within yourself to alert you that you aren’t given anything you can’t handle. In fact the challenge has shown up because you can not only handle it but also have within you the answer to solve the challenge.

And, if by chance judgment shows up be forgiving with your past. If a judgment says something like, ‘I always never seem to handle these problems very well’ or something like that. Try this,…

Change the internal affirmation to; ‘I welcome this challenge and I am grateful for the solution that has already manifested.’ And/or,..’I forgive myself for judging myself and completely and unconditionally love and accept myself.’

Being Grateful, Being Compassionate and Being Forgiving 

Think of an experience that opened your heart. Feel it as if it is happening right this very moment. Feel it ?,…That, is your True Nature. Embrace it.

Keep this in mind,…

You can’t change the direction of the winds, but you can reset your sails.

Solutions and Fixes

Not everything has a solution, right now

Yes,…it took a while for me to figure that one out.

One of the first realizations I had was; what I was viewing as a problem was not necessarily so.

I tripped upon that discernment when I re-framed the challenging event I was looking at from ‘being a problem’ to being, ‘just an event’.  Allowing for that one small adjustment to take root in my perception gave me clarity and a solution manifested organically. But it wasn’t a solution to the perceived event. It was a solution to stop allowing my mind to create what was not there in the first place.

It is what it is

That was what released me from feeling I had to solve the situation. The perceived event is just that, the perceived event. It is what it is. I don’t need to attach other criticisms or values to the perception. It is what it is.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.“~ Richard P. Feynman, Noble Prize winning physicist

Everything has a solution,…not right now but maybe at another time

If the solution to the problem does not show up,…let it go. Work on it later.

Let yourself begin to think abstractly…out-of-the-box, let your thoughts have free reign and give your mind the opportunity to roam.

The Zen saying,…”To control your herd of cattle, give them a bigger pasture to roam in.” ~ Zen Master Suzuki Roshi,

Why ? Because if the approach you’ve been taking isn’t giving you the answer then the answer is not ready to emerge,…yet. Thinking in a free-form manner, allowing your mind to roam, resets your brain and the potential for the answer to rise creates a no stress zone.

Find things that can be fixed and fix them

“First to see, First to fix.” ~ Sir Richard Branson

If there is a situation that needs addressed and solved, go for it. But if it is your mind making more of a situation than need be, don’t allow your mind to take the event onto it’s mental trampoline. That exercise is a waste of time and effort with no real accomplishments except your mind entertaining itself.

The Beatles sang it with authority;

“Let it be, Let it be, Let it be, Let it be,..There will be an answer, Let it be.”



Spiritual Rebooting

It’s sooo frustrating when I’m working on my computer and it’s just not functioning properly. I perform a task that supposedly will clear the freezing up of a particular page. I conduct a scan to correct any disk errors. To no avail, the problem persists.

Then the answer that alluded me floats into my mind-space,…restart the computer.

Restarting, actually it’s technically called re-booting, the computer clears any and all data jam ups. While navigating to various websites a plethora of programs and graphics and plug-ins can potentially overload the computer. Too much data and it bogs down the operation and full functioning of the computer hard-drive. After all, computer only has so much memory to operate on and I was placing in too much data for the hard-drive to efficiently handle.

By rebooting, everything is reset to its initial state and the operating system begins fresh with a de-fragmented hard-drive.

I just simply forgot to do the most simple of fixes…re-boot.

So,…what does this have to do with your spiritual life ?

Sometimes the frustrations and challenges get us so ensconced with the trivial matters of life and we begin a pattern of ‘sweating the small stuff’ we forget that we are a powerful and magnificent being.

We get trapped into over-thinking the little things in life (a.k.a. lots of data) and we start thinking in what I refer to as cul-de-sac thinking. Doing a task over and over again and not getting ahead. This is like when your personal computer is caught in a loop and it freezes up. Similarly this happens to our life. Too much data in and no memory left to process it so our life goes round and round with no effective solutions.

Time to reboot

The only way to perform this task is to place yourself in a practice that takes you off-line from your daily routine. That can be accomplished through the medium of meditation. Time is needed to back away from the loop of frustrations and challenges that you are caught up in. There is no other way to accomplish this.

There are many forms of relaxation and mindfulness techniques that are available to you. If you’re not convinced that a mindfulness practice will assist you, let me suggest this.

Bringing a meditation practice into your daily life serves two important purposes; 1- by taking time to meditate you have a re-newed awareness how your entire system operates; 2- you acquire the realization that it is advantageous to contribute to your inner spiritual nature.

Begin your unplugging from your hectic life and initiate a daily practice of meditation. By doing this you will no longer wonder if it is a contribution to your life,…you will realize that you can’t go through your day without a practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Would now be a good time to start ?